We are a good serving team and will focus on serving a lot. In 7th grade especially, if we as a team can serve, we can win. If you as an individual can serve, you will likely play. As you progress to 8th grade, opponents’ passing will have improved, but a good flat serve is necessary and expected.

We will focus on the Standing Float Serve. If you are able to confidently and consistently serve the ball where you intend using this serve, we may progress to the Jumping Float Serve.

As in all of these various training videos, we may teach slight variations of technique, but the more you know, the better you will be. These videos are a great place to start or improve on what you already know.

The TOSS is the most important part of the serve.

Serving is a throwing motion… Step and throw.

Our intention is to have all of our players serve overhand. However, smaller players in 6th and even 7th grade may have difficulty generating the power necessary. For these players we suggest at Sidearm Serve.